Currently Scheduled Scottish EFT Trainings

  • EFT Level 1 (4 day) Strathclyde: 30 Aug – 2 Sept 2022; In person (Robert, Lorna & Ligia)
  • EFT level 2 (9 day model, Zoom) Strathclyde 2022-23 Training: 2022-23: Nov, Feb, May
  • EFT Level 3, Strathclyde [Zoom]: Ligia & Joan
    • Next: Sept 2022; Monday evenings; group supervision

The Scottish Institute is pleased to offer an EFT Level 3 Supervision Course.

This course is run by EFT Accredited Supervisors Ligia Manastireanu and Joan Shearer.

The course can count as CPD (20 hrs) and forms part of the IS-EFT Accredited process (See Training Standards at )

Format: The course format is group supervision, using an EFT approach to supervision.

In EFT Supervision there are four main ways of working:

  1. Using client recordings
  2. Case Formulation
  3. Personal work on stuck areas of practice
  4. Embodied supervision (Th. embodies client).

Delivery: Initially delivered in-person, this has now moved online using zoom.


A course is scheduled to run from February to September 2021. There are 8 sessions which will take place on zoom on Monday evenings 5.30pm-8pm (approximately monthly). The course fees are £400.

The next course is planned to start in September 2021 and is likely to take a similar format.

If you wish to enquire about either of these courses, please contact us by clicking here!