Revised Session Reactions Scale

The Revised Session Reaction Scale (RSRS) is a brief client-report measure of the experienced effects of therapy sessions. It consists of three subscales derived from previous research on the reactions of significant therapy events (Elliott, 1985; Elliott, Clark, & Kemeny, 1988; Elliott, James et al., 1985). The Task Reactions subscale consists of 10 items, while the Relationship Reactions subscale consists of four items. These two subscales together are are combined to create a 14-item Helpful Reactions scale. The third scale, Hindering Reactions, consists of eight items. Finally, an “other reaction” item was included as a check on scale completeness. All items are rated on 5-point adjective-anchored scales (1 = not at all, 2 = slightly, 3 = somewhat, 4 = pretty much, 5 = very much). For each item, clients were asked to rate the item on the basis of the descriptor that best fits their experience.

Measuring Session Effects in Process-Experiential and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies of PTSD:  The Revised Session Reaction Scale (Julie Reeker, Robert Elliott, and David Ensing)

Above Paper presented at meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, Amelia Island, Florida, June 1996.