Currently Scheduled Scottish EFT Trainings

  • EFT Level 1 (4 day) Strathclyde: 30 Aug – 2 Sept 2022; In person (Robert, Lorna & Ligia)
  • EFT Level 2 (9 day model, Zoom) Strathclyde 2022-23 Training: 2022-23: Nov, Feb, May
  • EFT Level 3, Strathclyde [Zoom]: Ligia & Joan
    • Next: Sept 2022; Monday evenings; group supervision

Upcoming EFT Glasgow Quarterly Network Meetings 2021

  • 23 July 2022: Les Greenberg, session 6
  • 17 Sept 2022: Rhonda Goldman: Online EFT Two-Chair Technique with a Male Client
  • 19 Nov 2022: Laco Timulak [Counselling Channel]
  • EFT Network Meetings are sponsored by the Scottish Institute for Emotion-Focused Therapy (SI-EFT).  They are currently free and open to everyone who has completed at least one level of EFT training and is interested in developing their EFT practice.  They meet five times each year. The current Zoom version of these meetings take place on online and use a 4-hour format. They take place on Saturdays, 13.00 – 17.00 (UK time)